Thursday, August 26, 2010

About Our Trip to Canada

We are back from our trip to canada. :-( 
We had so much fun! We drove up to Anacortes Washington and then took the ferry to Friday harbor which we stayed at a bed and breakfast for a night. On the way to Friday Harbor, the ferry made a stop at Lopez Island. While we were there, there was bald eagle just on the beach down to the right of the ferry. It was just fishing for minnows of the shore. A few minutes later a second bald eagle comes down to fish too. I took several pictures of them fishing and fighting over the fish. Here are some pictures I took.

When we got to Canada the next day, we drove to Victoria and stayed there at a Bed and Breakfast for two nights. The B&B was right by the ocean and Larissa and I had the best view out our window! We did not have time to go whale watching and I was sad we did not get to see any orcas. We say lots of seal though, and a red fox, we also saw an otter! My mom really wanted to see an otter. 

The day before we left we went to the famous Butchart Gardens! We saw so many flowers there! I also had my first real english tea with the tea tray and everything! Most of the things I didn't like, but the rest of it was good! I took over 300 pictures this trip, but I can't post all of them! Here are some pictures of the flowers we saw.


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  1. All of those are so awesome, but that first eagle picture is amazing, I have never seen one like it before!